Seminar Training: Start-Up Course on Digital Content Marketing

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Seminar Training: Start-Up Course on Digital Content Marketing

How to Create Website/Blog to hold Any Content

In a bid to hold and organize important documents/content all in one place, there is need to create landing pages called website/blog. As Data becomes big, it require big space and technical skills to hold and managed the data. This can be achieved through digital inclusion with website/blog creation. To some persons, website creation is only a cheap thing but in this course, we will train you the technical steps you can create websites that meet expert standards and can help showcase your ideas and content to the people that matters to your kind of business. This special one day training course is designed to make participant learn the basic concept of website/blog creation and very importantly the concept of data organization and management. The one day course suite will include;
  • The building block of website creation
  • The basic steps to organize content
  • The basic steps to develop content that meet search engine standards.
This course is design for;
  • Passionate individuals
  • small scale business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses that want to drive audience
Prerequisite Participants are required to own smart phones and or computer with internet access. The training is schedule to hold on Saturday, 21st March, 2020 by 12noon. Fees: #2000 NGN. Please pay to book your seat for the training. Request our banking details only through this phone number - 08115443121 and fill the form below.   [aol_form id=19]We are no longer accepting applications for this ad. Contact us for more details.

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