Reading; A Tool To Succeeding In GGL Online Learning

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Reading is simply identifying letters and numbers, symbols, and shapes and finding meanings to it. GGL Online Learning success stories is in Reading books.

In the early days in school, tutors took time to teach how pupils can identify letters and numbers, symbols, and shapes and as well find meanings to it. This process is called Reading. We have found reading as a cognitive process where we decode symbols in order to extract meaning from them. Also, Reading is a receptive skill – through it we receive information. Reading involves the text and the reader. In reading, word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation are vital elements to embrace.
Students read to find meanings to what they already know, others read to build vocabulary and expand their scope of knowledge. Anyways, it is important that students should read books. Reading promote comprehension and brings self-confidence.

Reasons for Reading:

Books Educate Us:
When we read books, we learn about how things work in real life. We get to know how things are formed, the techniques and tools required in forming a thing, the nature of the things in existence, and so on. Reading books makes us smarter, sharper, more skilled, and more open to new ideas. Books educate us.

Books Help Us Develop a broad Background:
When we read books, we expand our scope of knowledge and build a firm foundation in the world of our passion. Engaging in materials related to what we need makes us gain a deeper understanding of the subjects into consideration. For example, Reading the right books that explain how students succeed in online learning will encourage students to do well in online learning. In order for readers to be enriched with broad knowledge, s/he must be interested in events that express richly the information into consideration. Such materials include Magazines, newspapers, and books. It also includes info-graphic materials, videos, audios, etc.

Books Motivate Us:
When we engage in reading books, we are inspired and motivated to keep moving on despite our odds. Reading stories of people who have made something of themselves encourage us never to give up but keep moving forward and staying positive.

Books can make Us Great Inventors:
Most at times, when reading books, we tend to explore new ideas, lands, dimensions, and ignite imaginations about a thing which stirs up our minds of creativity and lead to innovation and invention.

Books make Us Wealthy:
Our wider knowledge is our wealth. Information is not only power but wealth. Wealth is measured in the potency and richness of how its subject is productive.

Books Give Us Direct Answers to Questions:
Books provide answers to all questions. Books quench our thirst for knowledge. When we are curious and thirst fervently for answers to questions of life, books provide lasting grounds for giving answers and feed our curiosities.

How to Engage in Reading:

  • We must love books/reading
  • We must increase our hunger/thirst for knowledge
  • We must be committed to reading books.
  • We must overcome the fears of books
  • We must create time in our schedule to read books
  • We must stay connected to our authors
  • We must also be lovers of technology, tools, and applications.

This task must be undertaken to meet the goals of succeeding in online learning.

Here, students must engage in reading mechanisms for achieving set goals.

GGL Foundation learning experience is achievable by engaging in proactive reading. Read, Recite, and Review are also basic elements students engage in GGL mobile learning as well as GGL foundation programme.

If you can read, you can achieve it.

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