7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido

7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido

Anita Brown

7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido  the US-based woman who accused singer Davido of impregnating her, has announced that her baby now has a new father and is no longer associated with the ‘Unavailable’ singer. Brown gained attention in the Nigerian media after her accusation, which included claims that she was asked to terminate the pregnancy. Despite the initial controversy, Brown has continued to stay in the public eye by regularly posting provocative tweets.

Chioma Rowland,

7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido

who is now Davido’s lawfully wedded wife, shouldn’t typically be included in the list of his baby mamas. However, she was the third woman to have a child with him. Unfortunately, their son, Ifeanyi, tragically passed away last year after drowning in Davido’s swimming pool.

Larissa Yasmin Lorenco,

7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido

an Angolan-born, London-based makeup artist and DJ, was relatively unknown until it was revealed that she had become Davido’s fourth baby mama. In 2021, she claimed to have given birth to a baby boy named Dawson, asserting that the father was the “Omo Baba Olowo” (OBO) himself. Despite Davido’s initial denial of paternity, a DNA test confirmed her claim, adding another child to Davido’s expanding family.

Sophia Momodu

7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido

She is arguably the most well-known and celebrated of Davido’s baby mamas, having given birth to his first child, a daughter named Imade. The two were young and in love at the time, and many expected Davido to marry Sophia. However, their relationship eventually fell apart amidst various scandals. In one of his songs, Davido even insulted Sophia’s uncle, Dele Momodu, a notable Nigerian journalist.


7 beautiful and stunning kids of davido

She is another woman who has a child with Davido, adding her to the list of his baby mamas. There is some debate about whether Ayotomide or Sophia had Davido’s first child. While many believe Imade is his firstborn, some insiders claim that Ayotomide, a businesswoman and model, gave birth to Davido’s first child, named Aanuoluwapo Adeleke, although this child has remained largely out of the public eye.


She all also had a child with Davido shortly after Imade was born, during the early days of Davido’s career.

Ivanna Bay,

a Paris-based woman, accused Davido of impregnating her after an affair during his visit to France for a show. She shared evidence of their alleged correspondence on Instagram and WhatsApp. Davido denied knowing her, leading Ivanna to express her disappointment publicly and caution other women about him on social media.