Davido and Chioma’s #Chivido Wedding Preparations in Full Swing

Davido and Chioma’s #Chivido Wedding Preparations in Full Swing

Davido and Chioma #Chivido Wedding Preparations in Full Swing

 Davido and Chioma's #Chivido Wedding Preparations in Full Swing

 Davido and Chioma are gearing up for what promises to be the event of the year—their much-anticipated #Chivido wedding. The couple, based in the US, recently arrived in Lagos to finalize preparations for their big day, scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

A Star-Studded Arrival

Upon arriving in Lagos, Davido and Chioma swiftly reunited with celebrity friends Ubi Franklin, Cubana Chief priest, and politician Ehanire Danjuma. Videos of the couple’s reunion with their entourage have been circulating on social media, generating significant excitement among fans.

Israel DMW’s Enthusiastic Updates

Davido’s Logistics Manager, Israel Afeare, widely known as Israel DMW, has been sharing his excitement on Instagram. His stories are filled with videos and pictures of the couple’s arrival and their interactions in Lagos. One standout post shows the love birds mingling with former senator and billionaire politician Daisy Ehanire Danjuma at the luxurious Banana Island, highlighting the high-profile nature of their guest list.

Celebratory Atmosphere

In a lively video, Israel DMW captures Davido and Chioma with friends Ubi Franklin and Cubana Chief priest, enjoying food, drinks, and laughter.

Countdown to the Big Day(Davido and Chioma)

As the wedding date approaches, preparations are in overdrive.

The excitement not only resonates deeply among the couple and their close friends but also among their legion of fans. Just days prior, Israel DMW publicly praised Chioma, hailing her as Davido’s ideal partner for her exceptional qualities.. He highlighted her stunning beauty, genuine kindness, and compassionate nature, which he believes set her apart.

With stage set and preparations in full swing, the #Chivido wedding is poised to be a memorable event. Fans eagerly await Davido and Chioma’s grand ceremony in Lagos, anticipating an unforgettable moment as they tie the knot.

Davido and Chioma’s wedding preparations are in full swing, promising a star-studded event with celebrity friends and high-profile guests.