Antenna booster is essentially a signal amplifier for an antenna. Once picking up weak signal, an antenna booster can amplifier the weak signal and make it much stronger, allowing your device to use it effectively. Imagine it like turning up the volume on a faint radio signal. By boosting the signal, the antenna booster increases the antenna’s effectiveness . This lets the antenna grab more of a weak signal and then amplify it for the  connected device.

These boosters work on different capacity and can work for a wide range of radio frequencies. From the very low end of the radio spectrum (VLF) all the way up to the extremely high end (EHF). However, it’s important to be cautious because there are a lot of products on the market. That claim to be antenna boosters, but they don’t actually do what they say they can do. Before you buy an antenna booster, it’s important to do your research and read online reviews to make sure you’re getting a product that actually works.

While antenna boosters can be an important tool to improve cell phone reception, especially in areas with weak signal, using them with phones can be hard to deal with. Despite the installation challenges, antenna boosters are still a valuable option for boosting cell phone signal strength.

furthermore, televisions need antenna boosters to get a strong variety of channels. Today, people rarely use the basic antennas (rabbit ears) that come with televisions. Instead, they rely on outdoor antennas or cable/satellite for better reception. These outdoor antennas often have built-in boosters to strengthen the signal they pick up before sending it to the television.

Wireless signals weaken easily due to several factors. These factors includes; Mountains, buildings, and also depending on the weather conditions. though, the antennas built into our devices – laptops, phones, televisions – aren’t very strong. The same goes for the towers sending out the signal, especially in rural areas. If you’re in a place with a weak signal and need a good reception, an antenna booster can be a lifesaver. It strengthens the signal before it reaches your device, making it easier to pick up.

If you are stuck in a Wi-Fi dead zone at the office. An antenna booster can amplify the signal and get you connected.



  •  Design and construct a Wi-Fi antenna booster that: <br> – Increases signal strength by 24 decibel-isotropic (dBi). <br> – Extends the range of Wi-Fi signals by 200 meters.
  • Utilize components that are significantly cheaper than commercially available boosters.


  •  Reliable and Uninterrupted  Connection: Experience a smooth and consistent Wi-Fi connection without dropouts or lag.
  • Extended Reach: to enable users connect to Wi-Fi networks that would normally be out of range for your device’s built-in wireless card.
  • Strengthen  Signal Strength:  to enable users enjoy stronger Wi-Fi signals for a more stable and faster internet connection, even at greater distances. GNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT



 Phones, laptops and routers depends on wireless signals to connect to the internet, but their built-in antennas often have limitations. These limitations can come in the form of weak transmission power or a physical enclosure, like the metal casing of a laptop, that weakens incoming signals. This results in a frustrating experience with slow speeds, dropped connections, and limited range. Existing Wi-Fi boosters can help to overcome these limitations, but they can be expensive and may not be compatible with all devices. This booster will essentially act as a signal amplifier, capturing weak Wi-Fi signals and amplifying them to a stronger level.

This guide is your one-stop shop for building a Wi-Fi antenna booster. We’ll break down the design, including the circuit diagram and its function, then provide a complete materials list. Step-by-step instructions for building the circuit, suitable for beginners, follow. Finally, we’ll guide you through testing your creation. With this guide, you’ll be on your way to a stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi connection.


This project lies on building a Wi-Fi signal amplifier with a biquad antenna for improving reception. The complete setup will include:

  • A Wi-Fi USB adapter: This  help in converting signals from a coaxial cable (often used for antennas) into a format compatible with  computer’s USB port.
  • A biquad antenna: This antenna captures the weak Wi-Fi signal and directs it to the booster.
  • A signal amplifier (booster): This strengthens the captured Wi-Fi signal for users.

The amplified signal is then sent through the USB adapter to your device for a stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi connection.

An additional option (not covered in this project): The booster can also be connected to a router, with the biquad antenna acting as a transmitting antenna to amplify the outgoing signal. However, this application is beyond the scope of this current project.


This project faces a few challenges. One is finding the test equipment needed to verify the circuits function properly. Since this equipment might not be readily available, creative solutions and improvisation may be necessary for testing. Another Difficulties lies in converting the signal from the coaxial cable (used for antennas) into a format compatible with a computer’s USB port. This process of adapting the signal can be tricky.