Diversity and Inclusion in Hospitality: Why It Matters and How to Achieve It


The hospitality industry is built on providing exceptional customer experiences, but it’s time to shift the focus inward and prioritize diversity and inclusion within our own ranks. Embracing diverse perspectives and creating an inclusive environment is crucial for driving innovation, improving employee satisfaction, and enhancing the overall guest experience.


The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

– Diverse teams lead to increased creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making

– Inclusive environments boost employee engagement, retention, and productivity

– A diverse workforce better reflects and serves a diverse customer base

– Enhanced reputation and attractiveness to potential employees and customers


Challenges and Opportunities

– Unconscious bias and discrimination

– Lack of representation and voice for underrepresented groups

– Limited accessibility and accommodations

– Language and cultural barriers


Strategies for Success

– Establish clear diverse and inclusive goals and policies

– Provide training and education on unconscious bias and cultural competence

– Foster employee resource groups and mentorship programs

– Ensure accessible facilities and inclusive marketing practices

– Hold leadership accountable for promoting it.

Best Practices

– Conduct regular surveys

– Celebrate diverse holidays and events

– Provide language training and cultural orientation

– Create a diversity and inclusion committee

– Partner with diverse suppliers and vendors



Embracing diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a destination. By prioritizing this effort, the hospitality industry can create a more vibrant, innovative, and welcoming environment for both employees and guests. Let’s work together to build a culture of inclusivity and make diversity a cornerstone of our industry’s success.