Funke Akindele new project in the works: "Finding Me"

Funke Akindele new project in the works: “Finding Me”

Funke Akindele new project in the works: “Finding Me”

Funke Akindele has announced her upcoming film “Finding Me” following her statement on resilience and storytelling after the recent AMVCA. She shared teaser videos on social media featuring notable actors, hinting at the new project produced by her company, The Funke Akindele Network. Despite not winning at the AMVCA, Akindele continues to push boundaries, with her previous films achieving record-breaking box office success.


Funke Akindele wrote; “Being an underdog doesn’t define me, it fuels me. Despite all the challenges I face, I keep pushing boundaries in Nigerian cinema. My success isn’t measured by accolades but by the stories I tell and the lives I impact. Here’s to never giving up on your dreams, no matter the odds. #UnderdogSpirit#Persistence #KeepPushing.

Unbeknownst to her fans, Funke Akindele was quietly working on a new project. Recently, she revealed preview videos on Instagram featuring actors Femi Adebayo and Joseph Benjamin. The clips showed the actors changing from suits to traditional attire, ending with the “Finding Me” logo on a T-shirt. Additionally, Akindele shared a teaser with Nollywood favorite Shaffy Bello on X (formerly Twitter).However, details about the film’s plot and release date remain undisclosed.

Breaking Records in the Nigerian Movie Industry.

Funke Akindele has made a significant impact in the Nigerian movie industry. Her film “A Tribe Called Judah” has become the highest-grossing Nollywood film ever, with report ed earnings of N1 billion at the box office.

This success surpasses her previous films “Battle on Buka Street,” which earned N668.4 million.

And “Omo Ghetto: The Saga,” which grossed over N636.1 million, currently ranking as the second and third highest-grossing films in the Nigerian box office, respectively.