Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide

Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide

Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide

Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide     The music artist from Edo State shared what motivated her  and her journey, explaining, “At 23, I was in a car accident that left me in a wheelchair for several months, and requiring surgery to repair my spinal cord.”

Because the second chance at life inspired me to live fully and explore the world. Previously, I converted an old van into a camper to travel, and at one point, I spent several months traveling in a tricycle.”

Because the singer, known by her stage and her name Ebaide, has three notable hits to her credit: “JAPA,” “Carry Go,” and “Different.”.Nigerian singer Ebaide Joy, a rising star, has added her name to the list of a Nigerians undertaking solo journeys from foreign countries to Lagos State. In July 2023, she purchased a motorcycle and named Rory in preparation for her trip. Despite a motorcycle falling on her during preparations, it hasn’t diminished the joy it brings her.

Because Ebaide explained that the journey from Kenya to Lagos was just the first leg, and with the second leg planned from Nigeria to Morocco.

Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide

Life on the road

Ebaide shared that she had backpacked through several countries before deciding whether to build a van or travel with a tricycle.                                            She expressed that backpacking never provided the same fulfilment as living on the road full-time.

Ebaide firmly believed that no other form of freedom was as appealing to her as living on the road.

After announcing her decision to drive solo from Kenya to Lagos, Ebaide said some people thought she was crazy, while others called her brave.

“I had spent ten weeks travelling with a tricycle and living on the road. During that trip, and I realized how much I love living on the road. Crazy is correct, but brave, not so much. I am scared to death. I mean, it’s about the countries I will be travelling through.

“It’s about the ‘dangerous’ vehicle I am choosing to use. It’s about doing it all by myself. It’s about not understanding the language some of these countries speak. It’s so nerve-wracking my racing heart constantly pleads for mercy,” she noted.

The journey of Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide

The singer, who said she is living with titanium screws and a rods holding her spinal cord in place, noted that this situation would not deter her from experiencing life to the fullest.

The video creator, who embarked on her journey from Mombasa,will travel through Uganda to South Sudan and finally to the border of the Central African Republic. From there, she plans to continue through Cameroon to Nigeria, entering Lagos through Calabar, and Cross River State.

Nigeria singer and biker joy Ebaide

She finds the journey exciting due to the absence of motorcyclists on the road and the lack of available videos to manage her expectations.

In another video on her Instagram page on February 8, she said she would travel via the Trans-African highway.

“I do not know what to expect. How thrilling is that? I have done many exciting things in my life, and that’s why I know that ‘excitement’ is too mild and a word for how I truly feel. I am over the moon with happiness and fear,” she added.

The overland adventurer described the journey as the most expansive expedition of her life. “This wild idea crept into my mind sometime last year, just before I purchased my motorcycle.

“I had spent ten weeks travelling with a tricycle and embracing life on the road. During that journey, I realized my profound love for immersing myself in the nomadic lifestyle

Ebaide Joy, a fast-rising and a singer

Choosing a motorcycle was an easy decision for me because nothing makes me feel as alive as riding does. As I ride against the wind, I know that the path of my life is entirely in my hands. I hope this inspires others to overcome their fears and live life on their own terms.


Ebaide is currently in Tanzania and is expected to arrive in Zambia and this week. She is set to become the first African woman to ride a motorcycle from Kenya to Nigeria.