Odumeje Defends His Bad Grammar: "I Scored A1 in English"

Odumeje Defends His Bad Grammar: “I Scored A1 in English”

From Gospel Singer to Social Media Sensation

Before rising to fame as a controversial pastor and music artist, Chukwuemeka Ohanemere, better known as Odumeje, was a celebrated gospel singer. His journey from gospel music to becoming a flamboyant and controversial prophet has been extraordinary. Since gaining widespread attention during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Odumeje has remained a social media sensation.

Odumeje is well-known for his unorthodox preaching methods and dramatic performances of “miracles” on stage. His self-invented powers, such as ‘Indaboski’, ‘Abido Sheka’, and ‘Santus Sanitorum’, have made him a household name. While some praise him as a modern-day prophet, others question the authenticity of his practices.

Odumeje Defends His English Skills

In a recent viral video, Odumeje addressed criticisms about his poor grammar. During a Sunday sermon, he claimed that he is actually proficient in English, having scored A1 in his English exams. He explained that he uses bad grammar intentionally for sarcasm and to make his points more effectively. He claimed that, despite being mocked by netizens for his English fluency, he can speak the language perfectly. He explained to his congregation that he intentionally uses bad grammar to make his communication more effective.

“In terms of grammar or English, I have A1,” Odumeje stated. “But sometimes I want to put you under sarcastic or sarcastical.”

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