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my daughter’s phone ownership until she’s 16″

my daughter's phone ownership until she's 16""

my daughter’s phone ownership until she’s 16″ – Bisola

Bisola Aiyeola,my daughter’s phone ownership until she’s 16″ Bisola a well-known Nigerian actress, singer, and reality TV personality, taken a firm stance on her decision to restrict her teenage daughter Leyla from using mobile phones. Leyla, who recently turned 15, will not been allowed to have a phone since she started school, and this rule will continue until leyal turns 16.Bisola discussed her parenting approach on an episode of “Mums Next Door” alongside Maria Chike Benjamin, addressing criticism she has faced. Despite social media scrutiny, Bisola stands by her decision. She clarified that while Leyla doesn’t have a phone, she will have access to a laptop for educational purposes and can connect with friends via Zoom.The actress also shared an incident where she discovered Leyla had opened a smart chat account on her laptop, leading her to extend the phone ban for another year. Bisola emphasized that she believes in maintaining strict boundaries for her daughter’s wellbeing, despite concerns from others about potential emergencies or falling behind socially.In conclusion, Bisola Aiyeola remains resolute in her parenting choices regarding technology use, prioritizing her daughter’s education and safety above societal pressures.she wrote a touching message to her daughter as leyal celebrates her birthday.

She explains her decision to withhold a phone from her daughter until she reaches 16.